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32 Gifts for Moms (at Every Price Point)

Best Gifts for Mom
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I get more delight out of buying gifts for my mom than anyone else (sorry, Dad). Part of that comes down to the challenge: What do you get someone when you’ve already exhausted every obvious gift idea? She displayed my preschool scribbles for years. I’ve sent flowers enough times. So my philosophy now is to either go for something she needs (but hasn’t gotten around to buying) or surprise her with something she would never, ever buy for herself. Sometimes I go the replacement route, like switching her worn, well-torn slippers for brand-new ones. After gifting her countless candles, I eventually found an absurdly large one that she hasn’t yet burned through, even years later. But I always need new ideas.

So if you’re in the same boat, I’ve curated an assortment of the best gifts for moms, including a few that have been personally vetted and favorites of Strategist writers and editors — an admittedly picky group. I also combed our archives for unexpected items like a mushroom-shaped, color-changing nightlight, and clicked through hundreds of Amazon pages for wild cards, like a Persian-rug–inspired mouse pad that’ll add some flair to her desk. Everything here is available at the megaretailer for conveniently quick shipping, and organized by price so you can easily stay on budget.

Under $25

For the mom whose fridge is cluttered with sticky notes

She can still hang photos, kid art, and all those passwords — but with a neater-looking, floating effect.

For the mom who loves a deal

There are dozens of dupes for Bottega Veneta’s four-figure drop earrings, but you won’t find another pair this cheap, this convincing, and this well reviewed.

For the mom who dreams of sleeping on silk

For the mom who gets the 3 a.m. thirst

This bedside carafe-and-tumbler set from half-a-century-old glassmaker Godinger will save her from a barely awake walk to the kitchen and look especially elegant on her nightstand.

For the mom who believes in fairies

This color-changing nightlight will add some lore to her loo and look equally adorable in the daylight.

For the mom who chips a fresh set before leaving the salon

The famed “self-care” spa Chillhouse makes Instagrammable press-ons that will never smudge, and this “Going to the Barre” set is the prettiest ballerina pink.

For the mom whose feet hurt

You may hear an incredulous “What is this?” when she unwraps these funny-looking contraptions. But overnight, too-tight shoes will feel as if she’s been wearing them for weeks, and she’ll be eternally grateful.

For the mom who loves a candle

This birthday-cake-shaped box can hold six matches on top, and she can stash more in the “whipped cream” center. (There’s a paint-tube edition for incense too.)

For the mom who’s got work-from-home boredom

$15 for 2

These Persian-rug-inspired mouse pads won’t be an all-out fix, but they’ll make her desk feel a little less grim.

For the mom who wants her skin to feel like Flipper’s

The Japanese exfoliating towel is so beloved it has its own Wikipedia page, and Strategist writer Kitty Guo says it’s even superior to Korean scrubbing mitts for smoothing hard-to-reach spots.

For the mom who prefers bar soap over body wash

This pretty-looking, sweet-smelling soap from Caswell-Massey features notes of honeysuckle, mandarin, and orange flower. You can also brag about how it gives back: The bespoke soap-maker donates part of the bar’s proceeds to the New York Botanical Garden’s conservation efforts.

For the mom who pops melatonin gummies like candy

Under $50

For the mom who pops Advil like candy

Though this blobby foam pillow doesn’t look especially cuddly, it will help ease that dull, persistent pain at the nape of her neck.

For the mom who sees the world through smudge-covered lenses

If she’s always complaining about her gunky glasses, give her this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio uses off-book to get her spectacles squeaky clean.

For the mom who has texting thumb

This cute polka-dot cat will give her a place to prop up her phone.

For the mom who’s on her last Mason jar

$39 for 12

These inconspicuous drinking glasses will match just about any aesthetic.

For the mom who’s always looking for lost earrings

Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box

This stacking glass organizer has two sections and a lid that doubles as a tray, to keep her everyday jewelry all in one place.  

For the mom who’s looking a little wrinkled

Since she obviously hates ironing, she’ll appreciate this easy-to-use steamer that heats up in just 36 seconds.

For the mom who always has cold feet

You can’t go wrong with fancy socks from German Falke, a well-known name in the hosiery business. This pair is made from a blend of warm merino wool and cashmere, and comes in unexpected colors like wineberry and nutmeg.

For the mom who hates the sight of wilted stems

An afternoon of LEGO assembly will yield a truly unkillable orchid.

Under $100

For the mom who’s killed generations of windowsill basil

AeroGarden Harvest
From $80
From $80

The aptly named Harvest from indoor-garden maker AeroGarden produces fresh parsley, dill, and other herbs with minimal maintenance — a control panel will remind her when to water.

For the mom who sleeps through the “road” part of road trips

Strategist readers have bought our best-in-class travel pillow in bulk. It’s more of a “padded scarf” to support her head so she won’t wake up with a sore neck.

For the mom who likes to be hands-free

This on-trend Baggu bag is lightweight, fits so much more than you’d think, and has an adjustable strap.

For the mom who likes her seasoning right where she can see it

For the mom who likes a twist

So, she always has fresh citrus at the ready — plus, it’s one of the liveliest-looking plants I’ve found on Amazon (the Birkin philodendron is another).

For the mom who’s perfected the weekend getaway

Photographer Lucy Rose Laucht calls this bag “the Mary Poppins of duffels.” It can be smooshed underneath an airplane seat or thrown in the trunk of a car.

For the mom who feels bad about her neck

The knobs on this heated neck and shoulder massager “genuinely feel like hands, kneading aching muscles and working out sore spots,” according to former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson.

For the mom who ends the day with a shot (of espresso)

Alessi’s sculptural stovetop espresso pot can make a great cup for much cheaper than a Breville.

Under $200

For the mom whose teapot never leaves the stove

I recently noticed this kettle in model Nara Smith’s kitchen — the checkerboard is MacKenzie-Childs’s signature pattern. It’s the sort of functional objet that always elicits a “where’d you get that?” when you have company.

For the mom who wasn’t joking about building a bunker

Or is just glued to the evening news. This prepper kit has way more than just a set of Band-Aids; it includes food bars and water packets. (Talk-show host Tamron Hall owns one.)

Under $500

For the mom who doesn’t want a TV in her room (but sometimes watches Netflix in bed)

Though it’s small, this tablet has a solid enough resolution — according to Strategist tech writer Jordan McMahon — that she won’t have to put on readers to see her novelas.

For the mom who knows what hyperdecanting means

Riedel Wine Decanter

Riedel is king when it comes to wine decanters. Instead of a standard vase-shaped version, go with this charmer that has a heart-shaped handle.

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